Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The verdict is in!!

I had my appt yesterday at John Hopkins and saw Dr. Niparko, very nice man. The verdict is that I am a candidate for C.I. so I will have my surgery in Feb 2009. I still have some more test to do before the surgery.

My husband is really excited about this journey. He also said that I would be a good representative for the AB because what I am going through. We do not have a support group here on the Eastern Shore mostly of them are located on the Western Shore which is Baltimore/D.C. area. I might think about starting a support group here but have to figure how to do it.

You all have a nice Thanksgiving and count your blessing.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Finally got an appt with JHH

I will be seeing them on Nov 24th for the consulation and also see the surgeon. It will be a long day at JHH. It getting closer to the reality if I get the CI. The question is will the insurance pay for all of it. I am afraid to ask how much.