Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finally got the surgery date

I got a call yesterday for the surgery with Dr. Niparko on March 10, 2009. That day will come before you know it. It getting really exciting since I will not be wearing my hearing aid in that ear for a long time.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Hearing Test Done!!! Surgery is next

The hearing test went well and it only lasted about 45 minutes. All I had to do was listen with the aid on the R and turn the L aid off. Listen to the beep and after that repeat the sentences. It was bad, it sounded like the person was speaking foreign language, could not understand it. Here is the funny part after the R one was done, I realized that the hearing aid on the right was off instead of on so we had to do over again.
Then we switched to the L and did good, didn't do well on the sentence or the words. I thought I had to repeat the word ready and then word. The computer wanted to warn me for the next word.
After the test, we went the equipment and she asked me which product I want and the color. I told her AB and beige. I decided to go ahead with beige because my hair will cover it. The surgery will has not been set yet will know later. It might be in March not Feb. If they have cancellation they will let me know.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Getting Nervous about the hearing test on Friday

I had hearing test so many times and now I am hearing that you should not guess what they are saying. Half of time I hear them but do not understand what they are saying and I ended guessing what the word are and sometimes I do not say anything. Now what should I do guess or not say anything.

I noticed lately that people saying they are candidate for CI but then turn around after the hearing test and saying you are not a candidate for CI because you can hear with the hearing aid.
For me I can not hear anything without my aids, I have the most powerful aids for now and cannot upgrade because there is nothing out there for now. I am beginning to get nervous now about passing the hearing test instead of failing the test. If I remember correctly the last hearing test it said that I only hear 12% at 60db aided and 0% at 95db without the aids.

Should I be concern or what? And also I have psychological evaluation on Wed and the questions they have is really stupid so I answered the best of my knowledge.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Changed of Plan

Hi Everyone!

The beginning of the New Year really had a bang with it. My daughter and my father got really sick with a virus and there was not much you can do and let the virus runs it course. I was suppose to have my Psychological evaluation this past Tue and I had to cancel it because of the sick child and the ice storm in the Baltimore area. So I was able to reschedule my appt for next week on the 14th of Jan and also was able to keep the appt. on the 16th of Jan for the hearing test.

I will hit some bumps along down the road while trying to get the C.I. but it takes patience and hard work to get where I want to be.

Will update next week how the appts went.