Monday, January 12, 2009

Getting Nervous about the hearing test on Friday

I had hearing test so many times and now I am hearing that you should not guess what they are saying. Half of time I hear them but do not understand what they are saying and I ended guessing what the word are and sometimes I do not say anything. Now what should I do guess or not say anything.

I noticed lately that people saying they are candidate for CI but then turn around after the hearing test and saying you are not a candidate for CI because you can hear with the hearing aid.
For me I can not hear anything without my aids, I have the most powerful aids for now and cannot upgrade because there is nothing out there for now. I am beginning to get nervous now about passing the hearing test instead of failing the test. If I remember correctly the last hearing test it said that I only hear 12% at 60db aided and 0% at 95db without the aids.

Should I be concern or what? And also I have psychological evaluation on Wed and the questions they have is really stupid so I answered the best of my knowledge.

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