Monday, March 30, 2009

Update: Doing well

It will be 3 weeks since my surgery. The incision is healing very well. I still have some vertigo problem but not as bad. I have my feeling back on my tongue and not the head. I missed hearing out of that ear. Sometime I hear things but I assumed it the phantom playing around. I have three more weeks before the activation date.

Funny when people asked me how well do I hear and I tell them that I not turned on yet. I have to wait at least 6 weeks before the activation. I explained to them that once I get turned on I will be hearing sound like Darth Vader, Mickey Mouse or someone was inhaling the helium from the ballon. And then I have to take the other hearing aid out of my left ear for three months so my brain can be retrain to hear. It will be hard but it takes patience to do this. I wish I have patience with my youngest daughter who is also hard of hearing. She misplaced her hearing aid so we have to replace it and the other aid is ready so hopefully both aids will be working by next week. She is having a hard time.

Will let you know how the activation goes and I will tape it so you see the result.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pictures of CI Implant

Here are two pictures of my ci implant
As you can see, the surgeon did a wonderful job on my ear. They did shave my hair off so hopefully it will grow back quickly.

Friday, March 13, 2009

C.I. Surgery

Hi All!

Finally got my CI surgery this past Tuesday. Talking about balance issue, my balance was way off. My eyes want to become a revolving door. But it getting better each day.

I have a picture what I look like the day after surgery. I am still having problem with the left eye which we do not know why. It was some kind of allergric reaction to the drop for the dry eyes and it not from the surgery.
The incision looks great, I have one of those dissolvable type of stitches. I had to wait 48 hrs to take the turbane off which it was yesterday. I will be taking my first shower since Tue. Can not wait to wash my hair. And speaking of my hair, it was shaved off alot.
Will keep everyone update.