Thursday, June 4, 2009

Third Mapping Update

Hi Folk!

Got my third mapping this past Tue. I went into the booth for testing and I am hearing things better than the last time, but still can not understand the speech in the booth. The audie said it too early for that. They added more sound, high frequency. Boy yesterday was really loud and my brain is really overload with sound. I hear the birds in the backyard and it was much louder and clear. And this morning I was defrosting the roast for dinner tonight in the microwave and I was walking into the kitchen wondering what is that noise and come to find out it was the microwave and I heard it beeping much louder while I was in the other room.

So things are starting to pick up. Hopefully I can start using the phone with practice but I know when people say wait it too early. But it would not hurt to continue to listen.

We are heading for Nashville, TN for the HLAA convention. It will be our first one and we are excited about going. This would also be good for my daughter who is also hearing impaired. We could use some resources for her. Will tell you about the convention after we back.

Have a wonderful summer!