Friday, November 7, 2008

Finally got an appt with JHH

I will be seeing them on Nov 24th for the consulation and also see the surgeon. It will be a long day at JHH. It getting closer to the reality if I get the CI. The question is will the insurance pay for all of it. I am afraid to ask how much.


Katie-Louise's blog said...

Good luck with the next appointment.

I'm looking forward to hear more of your blogs :-)


tammy said...

Thanks for stopping by Aiden's blog! I'm looking foward to checking out the Eastern Shore, in fact, we were talking about heading that way this weekend! How are the winters there? Any different than the mainland?

Best of luck with your Johns Hopkins appt. and CI journey. It's just amazing! I look forward to reading your updates! I'd love to connect with more deaf/hoh adults to understand my son's world even that much better.