Friday, March 19, 2010

I have to say WOW on my second implant!

I got activated yesterday for my second implant. My ears are not identical, they are fateral twins. The new implant sound higher pitch and sharper. I understood speech right away, the reason why is because of my hearing aid since the age of 3. This new implant will be the dominate ear and the right ear will be the backup.

We did put the t-coil on the right one for now. My audie did not map the right ear because she does not want to overload the brain. It will be map later. She has given me three program to work on and also wear it for at least 2 hrs alone a day. Which I did and no problem, hopefully I will hear more later like the microwave beep, any thing that is high pitch. I do hear the turn signal in the van and also was listening to the radio and understood some of the stuff which was the weather report but the van has to stop in order for me to listen.

I am glad that I went for the second implant, no regret! I know there is more coming. So I need to buckle in and engage the new improve hearing world which is noisy.

I go back next Thurs for the second mapping. More will be follow.

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