Friday, January 16, 2009

Hearing Test Done!!! Surgery is next

The hearing test went well and it only lasted about 45 minutes. All I had to do was listen with the aid on the R and turn the L aid off. Listen to the beep and after that repeat the sentences. It was bad, it sounded like the person was speaking foreign language, could not understand it. Here is the funny part after the R one was done, I realized that the hearing aid on the right was off instead of on so we had to do over again.
Then we switched to the L and did good, didn't do well on the sentence or the words. I thought I had to repeat the word ready and then word. The computer wanted to warn me for the next word.
After the test, we went the equipment and she asked me which product I want and the color. I told her AB and beige. I decided to go ahead with beige because my hair will cover it. The surgery will has not been set yet will know later. It might be in March not Feb. If they have cancellation they will let me know.

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Tom Cropper said...

Great news on the testing! Let us know as soon as you have a good date for the surgery.