Friday, May 8, 2009

1st Activation on March 21, 2009

What can I say "WOW"! I can understand speech and environmental sounds. I am now on the second program. I was on the first one since yesterday and just moved to the second program. Things are sharper. At least my eyes are not dancing so it tells me that the brain is accepting the sound. I just listening to the voice mail and understood it including to find out it was my mother who called.
The world is loud. Never thought it would be that loud. My son said to me "Welcome to my world." I still have a hard time understanding my kids because they are high pitch. Can not hear the microwave beep yet.
I probably will move to the third program later today. Also yesterday they almost postpone my appt because the audie was out because her daughter was sick and they left the message on my cell and also called my husband and they asked him if they could postpone it and he said no, she waited long enough to get activatied.
I am using my 4 P's Patience, Peristence, Practice and Prayers. I am learning to hear. And it awesome!!!! and it will get better as long as I have my patience. The only problem I have is that it cut off on loud sound like someone high pitch voice and the t-mic turned. I have the 50/50 t-mic for now.
Go back to the 2nd mapping tomorrow.

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