Friday, May 8, 2009

2nd Day Since the Activation

I am already on P3 and I can tell that I need more power because I am used to hearing things and beginning to understand more stuff including people talking in the fast food restaurant, catching a few words here and there. I am also hearing alot of shshshshsh sounds. The other day I was outside with my husband and I keep hearing this hammer sound and I asked my husband what is that noise and he had to listen also and said the neighbor was using the pressure washer to wash the bus. I was hearing the clicking sound. Wow!! I can hear people talking but not catch what they are saying so I have stop and listen. I need to do the Listening skill but have to do it when it quiet and did try to read the children book and it was not easy, but was able to follow along. Some sounds are loud because of the setting I had in the past had to be turned down like my phone on my desk. It scared me after my first mapping and I literally jumped so I had to turned down the volume of the ringer.
When I try to turn up the volume on P3 it gets echo sound so I had to turn it back down. Something I heard today that I never heard before. We were at my daughter's ENT appt for the follow up and the doctor had to check her middle ear to see if there is any fluid and the device he used made a noise and I asked him is that device making a noise and he said yes. I told him that I never heard it before. He is really amazed how well I hear even though I am not wearing my ha in my left ear. After a week I tried my ha in the left ear and I do not like it. I had a hard time listening, but I had to use my ha for an emergency when I answered the phone when my husband is out of town. My kids does not answer the phone, never does.
Will let everyone know about the 2nd mapping. I am wondering what they are going to do.

Here is my first test in the booth before the 2nd mapping. I can not explain it but it showed that I needed more volume in the high freg.

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